The Wizard of Oz Festival Campbelltown

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Campbelltown : 2-11 Aug 2013

Oz Cup Cake Decorating + Display

Cup cake decorating
Take your cup cakes down the yellow brick road with some Oz theming.

Give vent to your imagination and have a fun morning with "Aunt Em" Monica. All materials supplied including Wizard of Oz character and ruby slippers cake toppers.

Images: Monica & Toni Renn with their Oz inspired cupcake creations; Victoria Collins with her tiered Wizard of Oz cake; some of the morning's gorgeous creations.

Cup cake decorating
The Wizard of Oz Funland

The Wizard of Oz Funland is a unique, first-of-its-kind centre in Australia that was started:
- To provide a very interactive, vibrant, creative and fun indoor space that could engage the whole family at rates affordable to the larger community;
- To provide both performance & educational opportunities to local talent;
- To develop into a useful, moving community hub.
The Funland is home of The Wizard of Oz Show that has done over 3500 performances worldwide and was honoured with strong endorsements by the Baum family & last living Munchkins in America.

The Funland was set up by the Laul family as an extension of their work among the community. Apart from being a popular play and party centre, it has grown into a hive of local community participation with a large multicultural agenda. It proudly supports 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer.