The Wizard of Oz Festival Campbelltown

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Campbelltown : 2-11 Aug 2013

The Wizard of Oz Adventure Show

The Wizard of Oz Adventure Show
Don't miss this yellow brick road paved with lots of music, action & laughs.

Join Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion as they go off to see the Wizard in a fun packed, highly interactive show featuring singing, dancing and lots of wacky characters.

This is the only Oz show of its kind in Australia where you can physically travel through Munchkinland, Cornfield, Forest & Emerald City and meet Glinda the Good Witch, Wicked Witch, Munchkins, Funny Bunny, even the Mighty Wizard himself. The hour-long, new re-telling of Frank Baum's classic story, has been written by Brian Laul & staged with Christerine Laul.

The Wizard of Oz Adventure Show is about more than giving kids a good time. It spreads a message of hopeand self-esteem to the young. Come dressed as your favourite Oz character. Lots of great photo opportunities after the show. .

Images: Scenes from Sunday's Adventure Show.

Sun 11 Aug

Venue: The Wizard of Oz Funland
              2/11 Hollylea Road, Leumeah NSW 2560
              Phone (02) 4626 7777
Time: 10am &12 noon
Tickets: $14      
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The Wizard of Oz Funland Leumeah


The Wizard of Oz Adventure Show

The Wizard of Oz Funland

The Wizard of Oz Funland is a unique, first-of-its-kind centre in Australia that was started:
- To provide a very interactive, vibrant, creative and fun indoor space that could engage the whole family at rates affordable to the larger community;
- To provide both performance & educational opportunities to local talent;
- To develop into a useful, moving community hub.

The Funland is home of The Wizard of Oz Show that has done over 3500 performances worldwide and was honoured with strong endorsements by the Baum family in America.

The Funland was set up by the Laul family as an extension of their work among the community. Apart from being a popular play and party centre, it has grown into a hive of local community participation with a large multicultural agenda. It proudly supports 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer.