The Wizard of Oz Festival Campbelltown

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Campbelltown : 2-11 Aug 2013

Exhibition of Oz Memorabillia

Dorothy Overton's Oz Memorabillia Exhibition
Dorothy ducks, Tinman teddy bears, Cowardly Lion Barbie dolls and Kermit the Frog dressed up as the Scarecrow rub shoulders with original 1939 movie foyer cards and posters.

70-year-old Dorothy Overton is one of Australia's biggest Wizard of Oz collectors. Her collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia started over 50 years ago. "As a child I was introduced to the Wizard of Oz movie and because the heroine was also named Dorothy, I became caught up in everything Oz", she says.

The collection first started with a few postcards and birthday cards, then a silver charm bracelet that John, her husband of 50 years, gave her. "We then found a china doll replica of Judy Garland gathering dust at the back of an op shop which I absolutely had to have and the rest is history!" Dorothy says.

Her ecclectic collection today consists of rooms full of sets of dolls, posters, T-shirts, hats, books, figurines, plates, jewellery and other miscellany.

Even when Dorothy travels, the itinerary is Oz inspired. Travelling to America for example, she had to stay at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas only because it was then made over like the Wizard of Oz with the wicked witch flying across the sky, munchkin buffet and yellow brick road all through the building.

Dorothy lists her "greatest thrill" as meeting Margaret Pellegrini, one of the original 1939 Munchkins, in Sydney. Margaret had flown down specially to appear at a Wizard of Oz production directed by the Festival's director Brian Laul.

Images: Dorothy Overton with Shakey the Screcrow; with State MP Brian Doyle & Festival director Brian Laul; some of the exhibition in the Emerald City.

Sat 3, Sun 4 Aug

Venue: The Wizard of Oz Funland
Time: 10am - 5pm (Sat), 10am-3pm (Sun)
Tickets: Free Event

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Dorothy Overton's Oz Memorabillia Exhibition

Dorothy Overton's Oz Memorabillia Exhibition
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